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Unpaid bills, due mortgages, along with regular expenses can put a lot of financial and mental stress on a person. Rising debts are a serious concern in a lot of countries as increasing unemployment & economic recession are causing people to get caught in a never ending vicious circle of debt. One of the best ways to come out of debt is to go for debt consolidation where one can bundle all existing debts and pay it off in together.

Debt Consolidation in Dubai was recently launched by banks to handle the increasing debt woes of the people living there. People who have lot of unpaid or pending payments to different lenders can avail this facility. Also known as debt refinancing, debt consolidation works by clubbing all outstanding payments of an individual under one umbrella of total debt. For example if a person has an outstanding car loan, home loan & mortgaged property from different banks or lenders, he can approach a bank & ask them to consolidate his debt  by adding all amounts together. Along with making it easy for him to repay his debts, this also helps him as most banks charge lower interest rates for consolidated debts.

For people with international business looking for debt consolidation, they would need to consult an International tax planning consultant who can help them by guiding them on the best way to consolidate international debts. This is because international tax laws differ from country to country. Where some countries are tax havens which means you can go without paying taxes, there are certain countries like the U.S where its citizens are required to pay taxes even though they may be earning in a different country which is nowhere related to their home country which means its residents will still end up paying tax even though they didn’t earn anything on U.S soil.

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