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A well planned strategy is the key to success for any organization. The source of its competitive advantage. Business planning is not an easy task as the basic strategic requirements may vary; and be distinctive, on a case to case basis. Often, it is meticulously created through optimal management of available resources including employees, investor/s, technology, suppliers and assets. We provide our unique insights and expertise to our customers to ensure and foster their success in the modern times of cut throat competition and dynamic business environment.

We offer quality services that include, but are not limited to:


The decision makers of an organization conduct a feasibility study for the assessment, analysis and evaluation of costs and benefits of a potential project. A properly conducted feasibility study will provide immeasurable value in assessing the upside potential and downside risks for the stakeholders and help the organization make a more educated decision on the implementation of the project, under review / consideration. Sensitivity studies involving various possible future scenarios are considered and included in a feasibility report. The studies conducted, outline alternatives and highlight new opportunities as well as, address matters that can adversely affect the organization. Our offerings include Market Feasibility Study, Financial Feasibility Study, Project Feasibility Study, Transaction Feasibility Study, business consulting services and Vetting of available Project Studies, to provide an independent professional opinion on same.


In the modern business world, Business valuation is not a new term when it comes to understanding the current value, status and future potential of a business for one or multiple considerations; such as for the existing shareholders or when forging new associations or for potential sale or facilitating a merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction. Business valuation follows well established processes and principles for estimating the real worth of any business on scientific current values and future assessment basis. We independently and professionally assess the value of a company and render our expert business valuation services to our customers.


All businesses face varied risks. It is essential for the promoters to balance the risk/reward elements. Uncertainties and challenges are inevitable in any and almost every business; and in case the business is not equipped to face the same, the chances of failure, intensify. We have expertise to assist you in identifying and then managing various business risks. We also help our clients by telling them about the ways of turning risks into opportunities and deriving sustainable value. We offer business advisory services and assist our clients in assessing as well as managing/mitigating various kinds of risks including Credit risk, Financial risk, Market risk, IT risk, Operational Risk and various other risks.


Business planning is indeed the first step towards the creation of a successful organization. It is crucial for any business entering a new market or developing a new product to make note of all probable risks along with the related profitability and future cash flows. A business plan proves to be of great help in measuring the performance of the business, in due course of time, as it comes alive and progresses. For preparing a sound business plan you need to have proper understanding of the short term, as well as, long term objectives, of the organization. It also requires understanding of business goals, SWOT analysis, KRI’s, identifying and imposing the necessary risk triggers, checks and balances and comprehensive financial plans. Hiring an expert business plan consultant is advised for your benefit. We understand the requirements of our clients and help them prepare a sound business plan. Based on our customer request, we are also able to develop financial models to properly assess various business aspects, such as: financial requirements, debt / equity balance, assessment of competition, industry outlook and financial result orientation.


Due diligence is a process of complete verification done by an independent third-party based on accounting and non-accounting data of a company. Usually the process of due diligence is conducted to value a company, as a part of a merger and acquisition or when processing a shareholders stake sale. The process covers many areas like the adequacy of management controls, main risks in the business, quality of assets and cash flows and reliability of projections etc. Our highly skilled and experienced team members are well equipped with sound industry knowledge that help us prepare realistic projections and provide efficient and timely services, valuable to our customer/s, in reaching a fair value for the business under sale/purchase consideration.


Strategic planning is crucial for articulation of a shared vision in the true sense. It is essential for nurturing alliances, the functional subdivisions of which could prove detrimental to the common goals of a Company, under a shared platform. Effective strategic planning is important for obtaining the financial support for investments and/or debt, as necessary.

We assist our clients to determine the appropriate strategic priorities for beneficial growth and provide support, as well as, feasible solutions for achieving the stipulated growth objectives. We not only endow our clients with business advisory services but also provide tax consultancy services to them. Relentlessly strive to mark and maintain, through adequate checks and balances, the essential, requirements, critical to the stakeholders, within the organizational setup of our client.